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THH TH-27 – Grey Ghost

$209.00 $189.00

THH T-76 – Metallic White Vertex

$109.00 $96.00

THH T-42 – White & Red

$119.00 $98.00

THH T-314 – Brown

$99.00 $89.00

THH T-76 – Matte Black

$109.00 $96.00

THH T-42 – Black & Red

$119.00 $98.00

THH T-314 – White

$99.00 $89.00

THH T-314 – Orange

$99.00 $89.00

THH Predator – Red Gossip

$489.00 $439.00

THH T-76 – Black & Red Vertex

$109.00 $96.00

THH T-42 – White

$119.00 $98.00

THH T72 – Matte Black

$99.00 $79.00

THH T-314 – Blue

$99.00 $89.00

THH T-76 – Black & White Vertex

$109.00 $96.00

THH T-76 – PowMia

$109.00 $96.00

THH T-314 – Black & White

$99.00 $89.00

THH TS-45 – Black & Yellow

$189.00 $169.00

THH T-314 – Black

$99.00 $89.00

THH T-42 – Orange

$119.00 $98.00

THH T-76 – Metallic Black Vertex

$109.00 $96.00

THH TH-27 – Yellow Ghost

$209.00 $189.00

THH Motorcycle Helmets

Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling experience. The feeling of moving across various types of terrains and the rushing of wind against your body is something that is so refreshing. But motorcycling isn’t complete unless you have the appropriate gear. One of the must-haves is the helmet. This is a protective hat that is used to cover the head and other parts of the face. Research that was conducted in 2015 shows that more than 1500 lives were saved by helmets. Besides that, more than 1000 lives could be saved if only motorcycle riders could wear helmets. They are essential safety gears which must be worn whether the law requires it or not.

THH is a brand that specializes in designing high-quality helmets. The reputable company sells protective gears which have shell design. Additionally, they are fitted with liners for impact absorption. These helmets have different shapes in order to fit different types of wearers. They come in a wide variety of colors to suit the personal preferences of various individuals. Some of the helmet designs that are sold by THH include:

  • THH Full Face Helmets
  • THH DownHill Helmets
  • THH Open Face Helmets

THH Full Face Helmets

THH’s Full Face Helmets offer a provide wearers with a wide area of coverage. These protective gears fully surround the neck and the head. Regardless of the environment, you are riding your bike in, these helmets can perfectly cover your head and facial area from bugs, debris, and elements of weather such as rain. Choosing any model of Full Face helmet from TH guarantees you the following qualities:

  • A shell construction with accent cut-lines which are distinct. The helmets normally widen at the bottom to ease the taking off or putting on the process.
  • A shield system that provides quietness. This makes the whole riding experience comfortable and less noisy.
  • A slim, lightweight design which makes it easier for the wearer to move their head.
  • A ventilation system that contains exhaust outlets and vent inlets for fresh air.

THH Helmets with the Full Face design meets all the world technical standards. These include SG Standard for Japan, DOT-FMVSS for the US, SAI –AS1698 for Australia, and the ECE-22-05 for Europe. Whether you are a cross-country veteran or a track-day lover, these Full Face helmets will give you all the confidence and protection that you need as you cruise across various landscapes.

THH Downhill Helmets

Riding your motorcycle downhill is an adrenaline-inducing and fun experience. However, the high speeds, as well as the rocks, require that you equip yourself with a well-designed helmet. THH Helmets have been crafted with premium materials which can withstand different levels of pressure and friction.

The Downhill Helmets are fitted with comfortable liners which are removable and also washable. This helps to keep the helmet fresh, clean, & odor-free. The helmets come with adjustable ventilation systems that aid fresh intake of air and exhaust vents which facilitate circulation. As a rider, you are guaranteed of light air flow which keeps you comfortable and cool. Remember that it gets hot inside there.

THH Downhill Helmets are professionally designed and they meet the ECE standards. They are suitable for both men and women thanks to their versatility. The helmets have unique and fashionable design as well as numerous advanced features which make riding motorcycles downhill enjoyable and safe. Although they appear to be hardcore gadgets, THH Downhill helmets provide users with the much-needed protection and comfort as they travel in a descending terrain at high speeds 

THH Open Face Helmets

THH Helmets with the Open Face design lacks the chin bar which normally covers the chin area. As a result, they offer a better and wider viewing range as you ride your motorcycle. They provide a good feeling of freedom as you move across different terrains. Generally, they provide more protection compared to what half helmets offer. Note that Open Face Helmets don’t offer protection when it comes to dealing with the road debris and bugs and they are mainly popular with cruisers. A THH Open Face Helmet model contains key features such as:

  • A shell construction which enhances the user’s safety.
  • Lightweight design for easier movement.
  • A lid that is approved by the DOT. Additionally, the lids come with unique classic finishes.
  • A removable liner which contains panels that wicks moisture out of the helmet.
  • Foam padding with open-cell design to promote comfort and breathability.

THH Open Face Helmets are crafted using the latest technology and they have unmatched styles which are can’t be found anywhere else. If you are looking for an Open Face helmet, THH stocks a wide range of selection which you can use to complete your personal look.

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