Choose the correct helmet size

Choose the correct helmet size

Helmet sizes differ from person to person; hence you are expected to give it a second thought when it comes to selecting the correct size for you. The UK legally expects motorcycle riders to possess a helmet and that is why you find various standardized choices in the market. Besides, price ranges from about 29.98 to 3,000 or even more than that which is cost-friendly. Despite the brand quality matters!

Choosing the right size should be your first priority if you don’t want the hassle of spending extravagantly to a brand that isn’t cozy and fitting. We combined our efforts with Helmets4All and came up with a clear and easy to follow guide accompanied by a video that promises a great ride.

After selecting the right helmet style you need, ensure it’s the right and guarantees safety and a comfortable ride. 

1. Take measurement

First thing first, measure your head using a tape measure or a piece of string and then align it with a builders’ tape measure to take the correct reading. Take readings around your head both the biggest (slightly above your ears and eyebrows), and smallest parts of your head then use manufacturers sizing chart to determine the correct readings. 

Measure around your head
Measure around your head

2. Put the helmet on to try it

Keep in mind there are various sizes offered by different brands meaning that a particular helmet brand can fit while another may seem large to your head. Consider trying different brands and sizes until you get the right one that suits your needs. Besides, ensure you learn how to fasten the helmet because some have D-rings and others have clips. Great brands come with a simple manual of how to use it. 

3. Check for proper fitness and comfortability 

Ensure that it’s precise and gives a comfortable fit: not too tight or too loose. In some cases, you can experience a long ride. Therefore, the helmet should be as snug as possible and doesn’t hurt anywhere. Ensure that it doesn’t leave gaps around your cheeks when put on. Besides, it should be positioned on your forehead and temples in such a way that your fingers doesn’t get there. Also, make sure the crash helmet back offers the comfortability you need. 

4. Try rolling the helmet forward and backward

Finally, wiggle the helmet forward and backward by getting hold of both the front and back. A snug helmet should not lift or come off while riding even if it moves a little. 

Rolling the helmet forward and backward
Rolling the helmet forward and backward

Ensure the helmet correctly fit: should not be tight

If you enjoy your long ride without hassle in your helmet, then know that you found the right one. During your time of purchase try as many brands as possible to get the right size and shape for your head because each manufacturer has different sizing. Remember that expensive things aren’t always the best: even cost-friendly things can turn out the best.

Following the above guide will be a great start! Helmets4All provides extensive ranges of THH helmets to choose from. For more information about helmets sizing visit Helmets4All – Size Chart.

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