THH Helmets are among the top-rated in the industry. They are available in numerous styles with the most popular ones being the Open Face, Full Face, and Half Helmets. They all have been tested and meet all the safety standards which include:

  • Faceshield Penetration: a face-shield is also known as the visor. THH Helmets have been tested with air rifles which produce soft but sharp lead pellets at very high speeds and they didn’t penetrate the face-shield. These means that they are 100 percent effective and they offer a high level of protection against rocks and other hard pellets.
  • The Chin Bar Test where they produced very minimal downward deflection. This means that they are very strong.
  • Impact Testing: this is done to test the acceleration or gravitational force. The helmets didn’t exceed the stated value and as a result, they are rated as efficient.
  • Other tests include shell penetration and roll-off.

All the THH helmets meet the DOT as well as the European technical standards. THH is a reputable brand and one of the fastest growing. Purchasing these protective gears not only guarantees you efficiency and effectiveness but you will get the value for your money. Besides that, the helmets are available in multiple colors, sizes, and a wide range of prizes to ensure that the different needs of clients are met. Whether you are an entry-level biker or an experienced champion, THH stocks helmets that suit everyone.

THH Helmets Safety Measures
Helmets Safety Measures